Reach More Clients, Make More Money, Have More Freedom & Flexibility    
Dear fellow massage or spa technician,
Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the new information?
Are you having trouble staying focused?
Are you having trouble keeping up with weekly assignments?
Do you have more questions?
Do you need help implementing the new ideas?
Do you want someone to keep you accountable?
Do you need more support?

I know you are really excited about starting your own mobile spa business but you need more help. 

        Now imagine this:
One whole Q & A hour live call every month. 
Recordings of each Q & A emailed directly after the class. 
Access to a private forum group on Facebook to network with other members so you can share ideas. 
Continued support you need to follow through. 
Discounts to future events, classes and products.

If you can relate then 
this Mobile Spa Success Program
is for you!

 In this on-going monthly Q & A call you will ... 

  #1 - Get live support every month.
  #2 - Avoid feeling overwhelmed and stay focused.
  #3 - Make goals and be held accountable. 
  #4 - Connect with other members in private forums. 

Each live call will be recorded
and you will receive the recording after each class! 

The cost of this program is only $9.95 per month and it is on
 the 2nd Monday of every month at 3pm Pacific, that's 6pm Eastern. 
What Other Massage Therapists & Spa Technicians Say!
"The call last night definitely gave me some motivation and made your ideas more doable in my mind. Thank you for the calls they really make it seem possible and help me to see others are in the same place as me or asking the same questions."
- Tammy Workman
“Helen this all seems possible and very easy with you as my coach.“ 
“I want to be successful like you."
"Yes, sign me up. I want more coaching!"
”This is an amazing business Helen.  You must love what you do!”
"I can't believe you and your team do spa parties for nine or more women at a time."
"Great class!  Helen you make this sound so appealing."
"I have already taken your advice from our call and got a new client."
"Your approach really works.”
Hi Helen!  Thank you for the calls and for the recordings. They are giving me hope I can do this!"
“I have been keeping up with your emails and listening into your tele-classes.  I like what I hear!  I thank you for providing this valuable knowledge.”
"I can see why you've been successful with your mobile spa business, because you have business savvy combined with a genuine warmth."
If you recall I’ve had my own mobile spa since 2000 and I have been doing mobile massage since 1997 so I know what works!

In this Mobile Spa Success Program you'll receive: 

#1 Monthly group Q & A coaching via live teleclasses on the second Monday of every month at 3pm PST/6pm EST.  Each call is one hour.
#2 Recordings of every call that you can download and listen to again so you can recap and make notes. 
#3 Gain access to a private group with people from all over the world so you can share resources and ideas.

By following this Mobile Spa Success Program you will get the support and accountability you need to succeed. Actually, it’s easier than you think, and you will earn money much more quickly with the guidance of someone who has done this before and can coach you through the process.

Don’t miss out on this introductory rate of $9.95. All you have to do is follow the program and you’ll get results! Your credit card is billed at the time of sign-up and then every 30 days following.  If you wish to discontinue at any time, an email notice may be sent to a minimum of five days prior to your billing date to stop the ongoing charges.
Yes Helen I am ready to Reach more clients, Have More Freedom & Flexibility with my own mobile spa business
Let me guide you to the same SUCCESS! 

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