Creating a Successful Mobile Spa Business

By Helen Hodgson
Owner, Serve The Goddess® Mobile Spa Services & Retreats

Dear fellow massage or spa technician,
Are you working longer hours but not earning enough money?
Have you reached your income cap?
Are you tired of working evenings and weekends?
Are you too tired to enjoy your day(s) off?
Do you need a vacation but can't afford the time away?
Are you tired of paying too much office or booth rent?
Are you tired of working for someone else?
Are you unsatisfied with your career?


I know you love what you do but you're tired of being tired.
        Now imagine this:
You are working half the time and earning twice as much. 
You are enjoying fun family time & earning money at the same time. 
You are on vacation and STILL earning money.
Your income is increasing as your "spa technicians" work. 
You never have to punch a clock again. 
You work when YOU want and call your own hours. 

If you can relate then 
this e-book program is for you!


 You will learn how to ... 

#1  Leverage yourself so you'll have more energy. 
#2  Work less and earn more.
#3  Reach more clients and get repeat business. 
#4  Finally enjoy a vacation and still get paid while your technicians work.  

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What Other Massage Therapists & Spa Technicians Say
After Taking My Previous Class, Coaching
and Purchasing My eBook!!

“The mobile spa classes were really great and have helped me to reorganize my Mobile Spa business in Jamaica. I have employed two more contractors and I am attracting more business. I have really learned a lot from these calls Helen. Keep up the good work. Blessed Love.”
- Verona Warburton, Samambaia Holistic Mobile Spa
“Before I met Helen I was struggling with where to get started. I first found Helen on a YouTube video and after learning of her eBook, I knew I had to have it. The eBook is a great reference for getting started as it puts everything into full view, has lots of value and is well worth the investment. Later I had a wonderful phone consultation with Helen and got tons of great information with the bonus MP3’s. I finally felt like I had met someone who could guide me, and have the confidence I needed to glean from. Thanks Helen, I appreciate all that you are, and all that you offer.
- Julie Hammock,
"This How To eBook was exactly what I was looking for and the information has helped so much with the “business side” and saved me time. Before I read the eBook I was stuck. My main problem was whether to market my business first, or hire contractors and because I was stuck, I thought I was doing something wrong. But as soon as I read the chapter on how to hire contractors and the interview process, I was encouraged to move forward. The information I learned has saved me so much time and given me the tools I needed to introduce the services and procedures I’ve wanted to do for the last three years (but didn’t know how.) I’ve been searching for ways to keep my clients happy and give them more value and more “bang for their buck” and the eBook gave me the information I was looking for, so my clients keep coming back."
- Elizabeth Phan
"Hi Helen, My business has been much busier and had the best September ever! I have been busy working on many of your amazing ideas. I absolutely can't thank you enough. My next project I started is a newsletter. A million thank yous"
-Dana Campbell-Vancouver Canada
“I'm so glad I contacted Helen and signed up for her How to Create a Mobile Spa Business teleclass. Helen is definitely the frontrunner in the mobile spa business industry and I've learned so much. Now I have a way to work spa parties into my mobile spa business. Last summer, I was approached by 3 or 4 women who wanted to have their own spa parties but I couldn't accommodate their large groups. Now I have some new tools (like a mini spa menu and how to hire contractors and having a service agreement) that will help me provide professional spa services to anyone who asks. And I've already booked a spa party for 6 women! Helen is also very approachable and keeps in touch with her students. I highly recommend Helen to anyone who wants to take their mobile spa to the next level.” Thanks, Helen!"
- Maria Koropecky Victoria, BC
"Wow, I do not regret my purchase at all. Thanks for breaking everything down in such detail. I've already gone through more than 3/4s of the eBook! I even printed and made a manual like style. Much, much, much appreciated. I'm from Jamaica, and I intend to start my own mobile spa. I've already registered the company but we haven't taken off the ground as yet. Thanks once again for this eye opening manual. You have no idea how much time and mistakes you've saved me. Everything is right at the turn of a page. 
Much Blessings to you"
-Shannon Singh-Jamaica
"Now I’ve read your eBook you’ve given me hope and I can see the light. I used to think there was something wrong with me. All the other staff in the spa where I am working, seem ok with working six days a week but I know there’s has to be more to life than that. And as staff members we are not treated well and we don’t even get paid for “no shows” even though the spa charges the client. A lot of the staff work with injuries but I don't want that. Now I’ve read your eBook you’ve given me hope and now I see the light. I love the assignments at the end of each chapter and I’ve been working through them. I really like your system and how it is laid out. It’s clear and easy. If I get off course I can go back to each chapter and get back on track. Now I know I can have a rewarding career and I won’t be stuck in a dark room for the rest of my life. I have the freedom of doing mobile services."
 - Lori Smalls
"I’ve learned so much. Before I read this eBook I was completely overwhelmed with all the information on starting a mobile spa business that it seemed impossible and I would never do it. After reading the eBook I can follow the steps and I can stay focused. Now I feel empowered and I told my husband, I really can do this. 
I’ve learned how to develop my branding, and how be more professional. I have no idea how to do a thorough interview with contractors and now I see why they will be more loyal and that they will represent my company better. I was overlooking the small things that are as it turns out, are very important. I’ve learned how to gain loyal clients with your suggestions by adding some personal touches. Now I know how to secure bookings so I don’t lose money on the day of a spa party and I got six bookings from my last spa party. All mobile spa owners need a “Helen” in their life."
- Tina Perry
“Today I was thinking how my life has changed thanks to Helen's program and wanted to share it. Before I “met” Helen I was charging such a low price for my massages and yet hardly getting enough clients to survive. In 6 months I raised my prices about 30% and I am busier than ever”. 
- Laya Laye Vancouver BC Canada“ 
"I can't wait to review all the recordings and info again so I can develop my service menu for my mobile spa and have my team hired and ready to work. Also looking forward to continuing on to the Mobile Spa Success Program for encouraging follow through, as I'm sure questions will arise as I use the tips you provided in the course. The best thing I got out of this course was the support of knowing that as I am pursing my goals, if I hit a bump on the road, I could actually ask a seasoned business professional who can give me an answer that allows me to continue to be proactive immediately. With the support of the course, I was provided with continuity past the usual speed bumps that naturally happen on one's road to becoming successful. You are right Helen when you say everyone needs a coach and you are mine! Thanks a bunch:))!"
- Gina Liccardo New York, NY 
" Excellent class! I feel so privileged to be a part of Helen's course. It was excellent and I feel so close to my dreams and goals now after taking the course. Before the class I've done many holistic health events and after graduating from massage school my dream and goal was to start my own business combining my holistic health services with massage. This class has really helped me know where to start and how to handle everything professionally and with organization and set standards. THANK YOU HELEN!!! Where I feel I need help is just actually getting started and finding my clients, but with following the class instructions I at least know where to start. Now I just want to establish my business name and set up my website and promotional tools."
- Marguerite Wright Chicago, Illinois

In this eBook program you'll learn:

What Comes First In Starting Your Own Mobile Spa Business? 
Which comes first? Do you build a team or market for clients? How you begin is crucial. My system will show you exactly how to start so you avoid feeling overwhelmed.
How to Create A Stellar Team You Can Rely On. 
My proven system includes interviewing procedures to guarantee you the right people for your service; a template for independent contractor paperwork, non-competes and more: guidelines for how to pay your contractors so they love you and yet you make great profits; what to do about uniforms ... and more!
How to Get Clients - The Secret Formula. 
Who are your ideal clients? Where do they hang out? Who knows them? We'll discover your ideal client and create your ideal market. 
Create A Service Menu That Sells And Your Clients Will Love. 
Discover the best services to offer and what to charge I'll share my very own spa menu that I have been using for over 16 years.
How to Organize a Spa Party. 
Spa policy including set up, timeline, spa party flow, what to charge, best services, etc. 
Helpful Tips and Assignments
You'll get live support with a two month membership to the Mobile Spa Success Program. 
Ask your questions on a live Q & A call. All calls are recorded and emailed directly to you after the call. 
You'll receive five one hour MP recordings of past Mobile Spa Success Program calls.  Learn from other mobile spa owners while you listen to their questions and my answers.  Listen to interviews with lawyers, branding expert and social media experts. 
You'll get a 30 minute private one on one coaching call with Helen.  Make goals and be held accountable to help you succeed. 
You'll have access to a private forum group on Facebook to network with other members so you can share ideas. 
You get discounts to future events, classes and products. 
It's taken me over 16 years to get where I am today. If you recall, I've had my own mobile spa since 2000 and I have been doing mobile massage since 1997 so I know what works! Let me save you the time it took me, so YOU can get there sooner. 

In this eBook program you'll receive:

#1 The E-Book Creating a Successful Mobile Spa Business - A Step by Step Guide
($129.95 value)
#2 Two months membership in the Mobile Spa Success Program
($19.90 value)
#3 Five MP3 one hour recordings of past Mobile Spa Success Program calls. ($49.75 value)
#4 A 30 minute private 1 on 1 coaching call on the phone. ($62.50 value)
#5 Access to a "private" forum group on Facebook to network with other members so you can share ideas. 

By following this e-book program, you will get all the information and support you need to succeed.  Actually, it's easier than you think, and you will earn money much more quickly with the guidance of someone who has done this before and can coach you through the process. 

All you have to do is follow the program and you'll get results!

Don’t miss out on this introductory rate of $109.00 a value of $265.00

Yes Helen I am ready to Reach more clients, Have More Freedom & Flexibility with my own mobile spa business
Let me guide you to the same SUCCESS! 

One-Time Payment, $109.00
      Two Payments,  $59.00 ea      

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